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The system is used to record the goods rental in a neat, and simpleFeatures : Dashboa...


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The system is used to record the goods rental in a neat, and simple

Features : 


Module Rental,

Master Customer,

Master Product,

Master Data

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How To Install

Make sure you have a composer and a web server installed on your machine. Don't forget to create a new database before doing these steps.

1. Download the script/app

2. Extract to your new directory project.

3. Copy .env.example to be .env

4. Open .env file, and complete the following configuration : 


5. Open the terminal on it.

6. run the following command : 

php artisan key:generate
php artisan cbapps:install

How To Access

The path is : /admin/login

Super admin : 

username : admin@crudbooster.com
password : 123456