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hi i'm using this library for about 3 month. And i'm currious how to change the default URL for admin ("yourwebsite.com/admin/login"). I mean i want to change that like "yourwebsite.com/administrator".

abiyoga bayu primadi


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Open the CRUDBooster config file: [project-dir]\vendor\crocodicstudio\crudbooster\src\configs\crudbooster.php Change ADMIN_PATH like this: 'ADMIN_PATH' => 'admin' To 'ADMIN_PATH' => 'administrator'

Answered by Abedin at Jun, 30 2018 08:29

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Nunca editen de la carpeta vendor, al hacer vendor publish se crea el archivo de configuracion crudbooster.php en config/crudbooster

Answered by Luis Labra at Aug, 03 2018 20:06

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