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I want to use CrudBooster with multiple database; I found this variable ( MULTIPLE_DATABASE_MODULE ) in config/crudbooster.php file; but no documentation about this section.

I also want to use it with mongodb if you can help me on that.




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  • André Müller wrote at Dec, 27 2017 19:06 :

    If you are using MySQL just add crudbooster.php MULTIPLE_DATABASE_MODULE the database schema name into the array: 'MULTIPLE_DATABASE_MODULE' => ['schema_name'],

Unfortunately, CB doesn't support mongodb

Answered by Ferry Ariawan at Oct, 31 2017 03:59

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  • Abdelali wrote at Nov, 05 2017 11:31 :

    Thank you, I will try to add this support in my project, If it works I will share it with CRUDBOOSTER community in github. What about MULTI_DATABASE_MODULE ?

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