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Hello, how can I add an external css or js to a custom view?

I have this:

public function getDetail($id) {

//Create an Auth

if(!CRUDBooster::isRead() && $this->global_privilege==FALSE || $this->button_edit==FALSE) {



$data = [];

$data['page_title'] = 'xxxxxxxxx';

                        // I tried this, but is not working

                        // $this->load_css[] = "mycss.css";



Any suggestions?

Thank you.

Angel Formica


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According to the official documentation here, you'd have to write it into the cbInit() method.

$this->load_js[] = asset("your_style.css");
$this->load_js[] = asset("your_other_style.css");

Answered by Guru By Design at Nov, 29 2017 12:58

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