Simple Statistic Index is a feature that you can use to display the statistical element pointer number of the data in your module.

Available Key

labelThis key is used to name the statistics
countThis key is used to display the amount of data. So you can calculate in advance the amount of data to the DB Query from laravel. Segment are described for example in the example below.
iconThis key is used to display the icons on the elements

This key is used to set the colors appear. You can use colors that are available as follows:

red, aqua, green, yellow, primary

widthOptional. Used to set the width of the element. Using rules on bootstrap grid. Example: col-sm-3


$this->index_statistic[] = ['label'=>'Lorem Ipsum','count'=>DB::table($this->table)->count(),'icon'=>'fa fa-bars','color'=>'red','width'=>'col-sm-3'];