The time came CRUDBooster 5.3 highly awaited. CRUDBooster version 5.3 is basically very reflects that this version already supports laravel 5.3.

 CRUDBooster 5.3 not only support the 5.3 laravel but many features and functions are changed and updated. These changes could be considered major, so it turned into a version of the 5.2 version 5.3.

What are the main features are very prominent in CRUDBooster 5.3. Here is the record - his record:

1. Add Menu Management Module, this module replaces the module group that is the main feature in the handling menu.

2. Add Statistic Builder Module, this module is a module that is very new, replacing the existing dashboard statistical features in version 5.2

3. Email Templates now created a separate module, the module is not involved in setting again.

4. Improve the appearance

5. Helper procedural changed to Helper Class, the class name "CRUDBooster"