Features on CRUDBooster relationship module allows you to create a CRUD that have tiers into / down. Examples of simple cases that can be applied is a module for data Province, City, District. All three of these data suitable to be applied by way of levels into / down. 

To start using this feature you can use a variable array: 

$this->sub_module[] = [ .... ];

Where there are several keys that you must enter are as follows:

labelThis key is used to name the sub module specifically on the key used to access.
pathThis key can be filled with the path (slug) of the module into relations. If you do not know the path of a particular module, you can see it on the menu in the Module List Module Generator.

This key is used to display information of its parent module when entering the sub module. You can fill in the name - the name of the field that will appear.



Examples of the above means that you will memuculkan summary information such as title and created_at parent when a user accesses a sub-module.


This key is used to give color to the button to access. This Key applying color on bootstrap class. Example: primary, warning, danger, info, success


This key is used to provide an icon on the button. You can input the code icon FontAwesome . 


fa fa-bars

Example : 

$this->sub_module[] = ['label'=>'Photos','path'=>'photos','parent_columns'=>'title,created_at','button_color'=>'primary','button_icon'=>'fa fa-bars'];