Statistic Features CRUDBooster Builder is a feature where you can create graphs and charts with ease without having to make its programming code from scratch.


Go to  Statistic Builder -> Add New Statistic

Fill statistic name then press "save".

Step 2

Press the builder button

Step 3

Click the "Add Widget" on the toolbar above, then choose the type of chart you want to use, Make "Drag and Drop" to the work area.

Step 4

Click on the "pencil" button to edit and fill in the details

Step 5

Fill in the data as a label each - each type of chart you select, such as the example above is a graph "Small Box".

Small Box

Count (SQL Query)

Fill with SQL queries, because he needed a Small Box amount of data, then you simply fill in a SQL query.

Example : 

select count(id) from posts


SQL Query

Fill with SQL queries, for the type of table, we strongly advise you to use a query that has been made SQL View, so you do not trouble to make a SQL query. In general, there is always a SQL query defined columns, the columns you defined in the "select ..." will appear as a column in the table.

Example :

select id, title from artikel limit 10

Do not forget to set limits in your query, if not, then the data will appear all.

Tips : 

To beautify the appearance of the column labels, you can use aliases in your query.


select id, title as 'Article Title' from artikel limit 10

Output : 

Chart & Graphic

For this type of chart or graphic widget, the following rules regarding their use.

Each form will bring up the column as above, Line Area Name is a naming each line of the chart, while you may fill Goals Value performance figures that are ideal for your chart.

Example Query : 

select COUNT(id) as value,DATE_FORMAT(created_at,'%M %Y') as label from artikel group by DATE_FORMAT(created_at,'%M %Y') order by created_at asc

In addition, you can use the alias to get a session on CRUDBooster. By way of starting with the characters "[" and end with "]". Example: [admin_id]

Output :