CRUDBooster equipped with Privilege and Role a feature where you can set permissions of each user is allowed to access the module.

To create a Privilege, please enter the menu Privileges & Roles -> Add New Privilege

In the picture above is an example of the form of the Add New Privilege.

Privilege NameFill in the name of access rights
Set As Superadmin

In any future access rights can be set whether the privilege is superadmin or privielge usual. Especially when we can detect with a helper:

Theme ColorYou can choose the color template AdminLTE who want to apply to permissions
Privilege Configuration

In this table you can define access rights

View meaning that the user can simply access the relevant module

Create meaning that the user can access and make data on the relevant module

Read meaning that the user can access the details on the best data module

Update meaning that the user can update linked data module

Delete meaning that the user can delete related data module