Making the menu on CRUDBooster you can do it easily. On the Menu Management module, you can create a menu based on the Right of Access (Privilege). As well you can switch on and off very easily with Drag and Drop.

Make sure you have selected the Privilege that suits your needs making navigation.


NameFill in with the name of the menu

Specify type the URL menu, there are several types that you can use include:

URL External : If you want to use the full URL format (http: // ......)

Controller & Method : If you want to use the action on laravel, so you can just fill in the value example:


Route If you want to use the route to laravel, so you can just fill in the value example:

AdminPostsControllerGetIndex, AdminPostsControllerGetAdd

Note :
All the methods that you have created the admin controller CRUDBooster, it will also automatically create a Route with the format: AdminNameController (Get | Post) (Method)

Admin Path : With this type you simply fill path module or method you use, fill in the value column example:



The value of the type

IconYou can choose the type of icon for the menu, choose the icon already provided FontAwesome
ColorIf you want to give color to the menu, you can select a color on the color selection
ActiveIf you do not want to display a menu you simply select inactive
DashboardYou can set whether the menu is meant as Dashboard or not.

Warning : 
If you create a menu with the type of Controller and Method Route and then it turns out method is not found, is not listed on the Module Module Generator, then the system will bring up the method or controller error that can not be found.

To fix you need to go to the database -> cms_menus table, then delete the data related menu method or controller damaged earlier.

After you save and create a menu, the menu will appear on the Active area left.