In the column - a column that appears in the module in CRUDBooster prepared skeleton - skeleton "array" which we call the "Column Scaffolding".

You can easily make adjustments to the column - a column on a table with a module format standardization framework that we have the following:

Available Key

labelFill in with the name of the column
nameFill in the "Field" in the table that correspond to columns
widthThis key is used to adjust the column width. Fill with numbers (units Px)
joinThis key is used to perform a join with another table. Suppose this is the Foreign Key column, so that you can display the "value" in the relational table, you have to fill this key with the name relational table followed by the name of "field" next to them separated by commas.
callback_phpThis key is used so you can customizer column display format desired. Suppose you want to display a column with the number format.
Eg : 


$this->col[] = ['label'=>'Category','name'=>'id_category','join'=>'category,name','width'=>'100px'];