Bulk Action is a feature that you can use to add bulk to the table key module. So you can add more bulk action.

Available Key

labelThis key is used to give a name label on the button
iconThis key is used to provide an icon on the button, you can use FontAwesome

This key is used to give the name of the identity of a button, should not use special characters, can not use spaces (replace with _).

E.g : 


Example button_selected

$this->button_selected[] = ['label'=>'Aktifkan','icon'=>'fa fa-check','name'=>'aktifkan'];

Once you create a button, then you have to make an order for the action which will be executed when the user presses the button. You can add commands to the mehod actionButtonSelected

Example actionButtonSelected

public function actionButtonSelected($id_selecteds,$button_name) {
    if($button_name == 'aktifkan') {

$Id_selecteds is an array of data ID elected / selected in the table. $button_name is the name you defined in the scaffolding button_selected.