API on CRUDBooster feature is not an API that are authorized each - each user. API CRUDBooster only have one key that can be used across devices.

API CRUDBooster is also equipped with key / token which you must first create the menu screet API Key.

Authentication API

By default API is not protected by authentication API for setting off the menu Settings -> Application Settings -> AP Debug (False). You can change it to TRUE if you want to enable authentication API. 

API authentication on CRUDBooster sent through a header with the following parameters:

X-Authorization-Token : < TOKEN >

X-Authorization-Time : < TIME >

To generate the token above you should use the following format: 

TIME = Current TIme Miliseconds



Make API

Go To Api Generator  menu -> Add New API

API NameFill in the name of the API that will be made in accordance with the related table
TableSelect the table that will be used
API SlugOptional. By default it will be filled in automatically
Action Type

Please select the available actions include:

Listing : is the type that will display the list of data

Detail : is the type of data that will show details

Create : is the type used to add data

Update : is the type used to transform the data

Delete : is the type used to delete datamerupakan tipe yang digunakan untuk menghapus data

Method Type

Please select the request method include:



This table will automatically appear when you have completed the previous stuffing.

Comprising variable is used as the data to be sent from the application using the API

NameIs the name of the variable parameters
TypeIs a type of the parameter data. There are many options, you must adjust the corresponding parameter data is needed. Suppose you need a parameter upload, then you should choose the type of File Upload. If the password, then select the type Password, etc.

Fill in the data required by each - each type that you select.

Suppose you choose the type of Search, the value you must enter the name of the field to be searched (separated by commas), for example: title, author

If you just want to give a description of this parameter, you must fill it with a prefixed asterisk (*) example: * Lorem ipsum dolor

If you do not start with an asterisk, and fill the value of this value, then the system will consider this value as the default value. 

MandatoryIf these parameters are required, then you should choose YES
EnableIf you want to hide the parameters besides removing, also can select NO

SQL Where

If you want to add conditions to the SQL QUERY, you can add in this column. example:

status = 'Active'

A list of variables that will appear on the API.

When you perform a custom query using the controller hook_after related APIs, and want to generate additional response variable, then you must add also in part of this response, the custom type not in table