Action Button is a feature where you can add the action button on the action column in the table (in addition to the action Edit, Delete, Details). 

Available Key

labelThis key is used for naming the action button
urlThis key is used to the target URL on the action button
iconThis key is used to provide an icon on the button. You can use the name of the class FontAwesome.
colorThis key is used to give color to the button. You can use the name of Bootstrap Button class, for example: primary, success, warning, info, danger

This key is used to provide the conditions whether the button is displayed or hidden.

Examples hide the button if the status = lunas : 

"showIf"=>"[status] == 'belum lunas'"

Example : 

$this->addaction[] = ['label'=>'Set Paid','icon'=>'fa fa-money','color'=>'warning','url'=>CRUDBooster::mainpath('set-paid').'/[id]','showIf'=>'[status] == "belum lunas"'];