A CRUD Generator Package For Laravel, Make a CRUD Faster

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CRUDBooster is not usual CRUD (read: Create, Read, Update, Delete) Generator Package. CRUDBooster use scafollding system to make sure you only focus at the Controller instead model and view. All process like assignment, validation, database process are controlled by CRUDBooster instead create them manually.

  • Easy Installation with package composer
  • CRUD Module Generator
  • Multiple Action Button Style
  • Complete Input Type
  • Image Resize and Compress Ready
  • Table Bulk Action Customizable
  • Combination Sort and Filter Data
  • Full Pagination and Sorting Column
  • Customize The Limit Data
  • Relationship Data Table with Join Supported
  • Relationship Data With Combo Box (One-Many)
  • Relationship Data with Checkbox (Many-Many)
  • Auto Complete Combo Box Ready (By Select2)
  • Hierarchy Relationship Module
  • Auto Validation with Laravel Validation
  • Data Table Export To PDF,XLSX,CSV
  • Data Table Import with easy GUI
  • API Generator
  • API Documentation Generator (Easy Mobile Apps Usage)
  • API Secured With Custom Token Algorithm
  • Statistic (Chart, Bar, Line) Builder
  • Additional Helpful Helper
  • Theme by AdminLTE
  • Login Page Ready
  • Forgot Password Ready
  • Profile Page Ready
  • Privileges & Roles (VCRUD)
  • Users Management Ready
  • Menu Management (Drag & Drop)
  • Setting Management Ready
  • Email Templates Management
  • Log All User Access Ready
  • Custom Language Ready

... and many more ...

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CRUDBooster is absolute free and licensed under a MIT License