Laravel CRUDBooster

Laravel + CRUD Generator, Make a Web Application Just In Minutes, With Less Code and Less Step !. Getting Started

CRUDBooster is Laravel Framework that modified to bring a lot of features to develope a web application so simply. One of main feature is Smart CRUD Generator, so CRUDBooster will be create a module automatically included Create, Read, Update, Delete standard function. And CRUDBooster is not usual CRUD Generator,you will get a lot of new experience with a new concept. CRUD Booster is dedicated to those who already understand the basic laravel. We do not recommend for those of you who have never used laravel altogether.

Main Features

1Easy InstallationYes
21 Click CRUD GeneratorYes
3Full Customize Module/ControllerYes
4Full Join Feature in Table and FormYes
5Full Privileges Mode Built InYes
6Build as Multiple BackendReady
7Delete Data Mode : Soft or PermanentYes, You can select
8Select Load From Table or Own DataYes
9Select AutoComplete Load From TableYes
10Select by Browsing Data Mode (Ajax)Yes
11Completed Form Input Types (text,radio,checkbox,textarea,wysiwyg,etc...)Yes
12Hook For Custom FunctionYes
13API Generator + Auto Documentation + TokenYes
14API CustomYes
15Create Own Standard ControllerYes
16Full Responsive (AdminLTE)Yes
17Export Data Ready in XLS, CSV, PDF, with Paper SettingYes
18Sorting and Filtering Data, Even periodic filter by dateYes
19Dashboard Easy Customize For Graphic Bar, Graphic Line, Graphic Pie, Graphic StaticYes
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